Air Purification & Drying System



XPOWER is the inventor of a revolutionary Grooming Salon Air Purification & Drying System. This system cleans toxins, debris and contaminants, and also removes moisture from the air. This system leaves the grooming area with cleaner and drier air that is much healthier to breathe and much more comfortable to work in. The Air Purification & Drying System uses the combined power of XPOWER’s Air Scrubber and Dehumidifier connected with our specially designed adapter and ducting hose. This system is designed specifically for heavily contaminated, enclosed environments, such as the pet grooming salons. The system is making the pet grooming job much easier.


• 2-in-1 Functions: Air Purifying and Drying 
• HEPA Air Scrubber X-3500 with 4-stage filtration system 
• Dehumidifier XD-125 removes up to 125 pints of water per 
  day at max humidity level with auto water purge system  
• Professionally adapted circulation system creates room air 
  movement ensuring highly efficient air purification and drying
  results within the grooming area
• Air Ducting Hose reaches 10 -15 feet between units
• 2.4 amp on purification unit and 7 amp on dehumidifying unit
• 500 CFM at Max air flow
• Extremely low noise level
• System is portable and easily installed 

System (APDS-I) Brochure
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System (APDS-I) Product Sheet
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