B-27 Super Tub Pro

Maximum Efficiency 6HP Double Motor

The XPOWER B-27 Professional Double Motor Pet Dryer is the first addition to our new XPOWER X-TREME Line. Much like the B-5, the B-27 X-TREME force dryer was designed to be extremely quiet,
lightweight and powerful. This 6HP double motor force dryer provides 3x the power to dry pets quickly while saving you time– whether small or large breeds with short or long hair!

Special Features

• Remarkably quiet.
• Powerful 6HP motor.
• Optimal Integration of motor and housing design.
• High impact and rugged ABS housing material.
• Easy-to-change and washable filters.
• Variable speed switch.
• 8 ft. heavy duty flexible PU hose.
• Heavy duty styling nozzles for different pet drying applications.
• Compact, lightweight and portable, ideal for professional grooming.



 Voit / Cycle  115 V / 60 Hz
 Power  6 HP
 AMP  19 A
 Speed Control  Variable
 Airflow  180 CFM
 Color  Purple Blue
 Cord Length / Dia  10 ft. / 14 AWG
 Hose Length (Dia)  8 ft. (1.75 ID)
 Overheating Protection  Dual Thermal Protection
 Housing  ABS + PC
 Unit / Box Weight  12.7 lbs. / 13.9 lbs.
 Unit / Box Size  17.7" x 6.3" x 9.3." / 20.5" x 9.8" x 9.6"