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XPOWER pet dryers + vacuums are specially designed with efficient motor that will produce extraordinary strong airflow, while the B-5 model being the most power pet dryers in the industry. It will blast water off pets effectively and faster. You can quickly turn your XPOWER pet dryer into a vacuum machine. This unit can be used as a high-powered dryer or a handy vacuum, and has great potentials on countless job tasks.


XPOWER pet dryers are engineered with motor damping enclosure and superior motor balancing. They are significantly quieter than any other forced air dryers in the market. It will always give you and your pet a pleasant experience.

XPOWER pet dryers can withstand the toughest environment. This is made possible by our integrated housing design and high quality ABS material. Designed with liability and durability in mind, the housing is virtually indestructible and will not rust, dent or crack as metal housings can. It will retain its beauty for many years to come