The New Generation of

Air Movers

Powerful - XPOWER air movers produce rated airflow from 600 CFM to 3600 CFM. Our 800 series model produces the strongest air flow in its category.

Lightweight - Compared to traditional air movers, our basic model weighs only 15 lbs which allows easy mobility.

Low Noise Level - Our air movers are the quietest in the market.

Rugged - Our air movers can withstand the toughest environment. This is made possible by our integrated housing design and high quality material. Our integrated design enables our air movers to be smaller than the industry average air movers. 

The Ultimate Drying Machine 


Complete Product Line - XPOWER offers a complete line of pet dryers, including force dryers, stand dryers and cage dryers to cover all your drying needs. Whether a pet owner or a professional groomer, you can always find a model that fits your needs from our extensive product line.

Innovation and Technology - With 25 years of experience, our R&D team has created many new patented designs for our pet dryers. These designs, along with new technology, allow our pet dryers to be quiet, powerful, reliable and durable. The brushless DC motor, anion statics control and precise motor balancing technology make our pet dryer product line unique and superior.

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